About Dr. Emma

The brain behind ecogateclinic.com is Dr. Emmanuel Chiedu Oduah, a University of Ile-Ife trained and practicing medical doctor.

He is the founder of one of the fastest-growing clinics in Adamawa state, Mubi LGA precisely.

Dr. Emma is a strong advocate of quality health for all, which necessitated the creation of this website.

The sole aim of developing this one of the fastest health blogs in the world is to educate as many as he can on healthy living.

He so much believes in natural remedies and the healing power of foods that we can grow on our gardens.

No matter the health category you are interested in, Dr. Emma has your back covered.

This means that he is here to provide up to date information on nutrition, dieting, benefits of essential oils, beauty, fitness, and many more.

Though every information of ecogateclinic.com is up to date, yet you are strongly advised to visit your personal doctor for medical advice.

It will interest to know that you can consult Dr. Emma on a one-on-one basis