Benefits of Sperm During Pregnancy

A lot of couples wonder if it is medically right to have sex during pregnancy. I hope you are one of such, which is why you are searching for the benefits of sperm during pregnancy.

There is basically one reason why most couples really want to know if at all there are benefits of sperm during pregnancy. The reason is that they feel that sperm can hurt the baby. In other words, the essence of their query is for the total safety of the baby.

benefits of sperm during pregnancy

But can sperm hurt the baby? Or do the babies really need it? In an actual sense, the parents need sex during pregnancy but babies do not need sperm.

Can Sperm Hurt Your Baby?

There is no way sperm can hurt your baby because your baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in your uterus. Also, the strong muscles of the uterus serve as a guard for your baby. In fact, by no means do babies come in contact with sperm during pregnancy.

Therefore, there are no benefits of sperm during pregnancy to the unborn baby. That there are no benefits does not in any way means that sperm hurt unborn babies. So the development of the baby largely depends on your diet.

But it will interest you to know that there are great benefits of sex during pregnancy, more especially to the woman.

Before going into details of why sex is good for pregnant women and babies, we will like to discuss some exceptional cases where the pregnant woman should avoid sex.

When to Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, if you have a history of miscarriage, then you must avoid sex more especially at the early stage of your pregnancy. Also, if you are having vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping, you must avoid sex during pregnancy.

In addition, if your cervix opened too early in pregnancy and if your placenta is too low in the uterus. Or if you are at risk for preterm labor. Also, if your amniotic fluid is leaking

Ordinarily, as a lay pregnant woman, you may not know all these exceptional cases mentioned above. That is why every pregnant woman is encouraged to start antenatal immediately she discovers she is pregnant.

Having seeing exceptional cases when a pregnant woman should avoid sex, let’s look into the benefits of sex during pregnancy.

7 Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Scientific research has shown that there are 7 major reasons a pregnant woman should have sex whenever she needs it. In fact, sex during pregnancy greatly reduces the risk of complications you may experience.

So, if you are a man (husband) never deny your wife sex when she is pregnant, and always. Let’s take a look into the 7 benefits of sex during pregnancy

1.  Easy Labor

Sex help in strengthening the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that support the bladder, uterus, and bowel. The contraction of the pelvic floor makes the pelvic muscles relax easily during labor.

2.  Lower Blood Pressure

The relaxation and excitement that comes with sex during pregnancy lower blood pressure in pregnant women. Take note, sex is not a cure for high blood pressure; it only put you in a relaxed mode that lowers it.

3.  Improve the Immune system

Research has shown that the oxytocin released by pregnant women during sex strengthens their immune.  Therefore, now is the right time for sex if you are pregnant.

4.  Increase Bonding Between Partners

To most couples, sex is the last thing that comes to their mind when the woman is pregnant. And that alone can create a gap that may lead to infidelity, more especially from the man. So, couples are strongly advised to have sex during marriage because it will still sustain and increase the existing bond among them.

5.  Help Keep Fit

As a pregnant woman, you are strongly advised to engage in some simple exercises that will always keep you fit. One of such exercises you need is regularly having sex. Do you know you can burn up to 50 calories in half-hour sex during pregnancy?

Please take note that sex during pregnancy cannot completely replace some simple exercises you need to do during pregnancy.  It only helps in a situation where you can’t exercise at all.

6.  Ease Pain and Discomfort

In satisfying sex during pregnancy, a woman reaches climax fast and that leads to the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that increases pain tolerance in a woman.

That is why after sex, most women feel much relief from normal backache and general body pains.

7.  Improve Your Self Esteem

This is for the first-timers. Most women get demoralized or anxious or even stressed out when they discover they are pregnant. Usually, it is a mixed feeling.

Firstly they are happy they have taken in. Secondly, they will feel about being abandoned by their partners.

So, to most women, pregnancy can be an emotional roller but sex is the only way to clear every emotional stress that comes with it. Thereby lifting the spirit or improving the self-esteem of the pregnant woman

So far, we have done justice to two main topics here, which are the benefits of sperm during pregnancy, and the benefits of sex during pregnancy.

It is obvious that there are no benefits of sperm during pregnancy, but sex during pregnancy is very important.

But how will you get the best out of sex during pregnancy? That will lead us to the best sex position during pregnancy.

Best Sex Position During Pregnancy

Position matters greatly when it comes to having sex during pregnancy. Obviously, the size of the protrusion of the belly will definitely affect your sex position.

In order not to put pressure on the baby and the woman, you must avoid the usual missionary sex position.

Therefore, comfortable positions may include side by side spooning, the woman being on top of her partner, and sitting at the edge of the bed.

Benefits of Sperm During Pregnancy – Wrap Up    

Obviously, it has been medically proven that there are no benefits of sperm during pregnancy. Because the baby or unborn is well protected by the muscles of the uterus and amniotic fluid in the uterus. So, in no way does the sperm affect the unborn baby’s process of development.

But the undeniable fact is that the pregnant woman needs sex during pregnancy. It comes with lots of benefits, which was listed above. So never be afraid of having sex if you are pregnant.

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