Does Armpit Hair Make you Smell Worse?

Does Armpit Hair Make you Smell Worse?

Before going into the details of the question does armpit hair make you smell worse? We need to understand the reason hair grows under the armpit, at what age, and the benefits.

The armpit hair is also known as the axillary hair, which starts to develop at the puberty stage.

Male children start to grow armpit hair between the ages of 11 and 14. While female children start between the ages of 10 and 12.

In other words, armpit hair is a sign of maturity, or a sign growing into another phase of life in a human.

The armpit hair starts growing as fine hair, which is known as velius hair. And it changes to coarse hair as one grows older.

Benefits of not shaving Armpit Hair

Pheromone Excretion

The armpit is the most sexual trigger in every adult. It excretes a hormone called pheromone that increases sexual attraction.

The armpit hair helps in retaining the odor of the pheromone for a long time, which is good for the opposite sex.

Reduces Friction

Walking, running, and other similar activities are associated with hand swinging. And that increases the chances of skin-to-skin contact.

The armpit hair prevents or reduces the friction between the skins coming in contact. Thereby avoiding injuries that may result from friction.

Prevention of some health problems

Health problems such as razor burn, armpit boils, skin tags, and skin irritation can be avoided if the armpit hair is unshaved.

Some adults experience these health conditions when they shelve their armpit with a razor.

Benefits of Shaving Armpit

We are gradually getting to the point where I will clear the air on if armpit hair make you smell worse or not. Before then let’s look at the benefits of shaving the armpit.

Sweat Less

Due to regular contact of the skin to skin, the underarm or armpit sweats excessively, and that easily stain clothes.

Shaving the armpit makes you sweat less because there is no hair to hold on to the sweat of moisture. Now, back to the question:

Does Armpit Hair Make you Smell Worse?

It is a fact that the armpit smells. The pheromone it excretes produces an odor that attracts the opposite sex.

Also, it is proven that the armpit produces a lot of sweat and the bacteria break the sweat down resulting in body odor.

This means that if not properly taking care of, it will make you smell worse.

How to Take Care of the Armpit

Because the armpit is not visible or rarely seen by others, many adults easily neglect giving it the needed attention.

Just taking bath and washing the underarm is not enough to take away the smell caused by bacteria break down of the sweat, dead skin, and clogged pores.

To avoid the smell caused by armpit hair, you must observe a special armpit care routine. Below are the 5 tips to armpit care routines for every adult:


This entails using water and soap to specifically wash the underarm. The underarm skin is a very sensitive one, so you should use mild soap for washing.

You should do this daily. Whether you bathe daily or not, you must wash your armpit. It is necessary because it contains a sweat gland that produces sweat excessively.

Bacteria break down the sweat, building up germs that cause body odor. So, you must wash your armpit daily to avoid smelling worse

Moisturize Daily or Intermittently

The human hair contains 1/4th of water. Dehydration causes damage to the hair in any part of the body.

So, to keep the underarm clean, you need to moisturize it with a PH balanced lotion at least once a week.

Use Deodorant

There are hundreds of deodorants on the market to cater for the odor of your armpit. But not all are equal.

The best way to choose deodorant is to pay attention to its reaction to your skin. You should not hesitate to stop using a deodorant that irritates your skin. Or left many particles on your skin


This is the act of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The underarm sweats a lot hence the presence of dead skin cells that leads to body odor.

You can use physical exfoliants such as masks or scrubs to remove dead skin cells and particles from the armpit.

Or you can use chemical exfoliants such as toners that tap into the power of AHAs, BHAs to get rid of dead skin cells.

Wear Breathable Clothes

Breathable clothes allow air to pass easily into the body thereby evaporating the underarm sweat fast. This reduces the rate of bacteria activities and promotes a healthy armpit.

There are so many sweat-proof T-shirts available on the market with a good rating. You can easily get some on Amazon.

Do I Need to Shelve My Armpit Hair?

The choice is yours. Keeping it shelved makes the armpit clean and free from the smell. Because water and soap get to every part of the armpit during bathing.

Also, shelving the armpit makes the underarm sweat less. Thereby reducing the chances of bacteria activities on the body. And that prevents the armpit from smelling.

Note: razor and clipper may cause razor burn, armpit boils, and other health issues problem. Instead, use wax to get the armpit hair removed.

Does Armpit Hair Make you Smell Worse? – Conclusion

I hope you have understood that armpit hair makes you smell worse if you refuse to take adequate care of it.

However, it serves as a scent gland that attracts the opposite sex, which is common in other lower mammals.

Follow the routine listed above you will always be happy with the odor of your armpit.

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