Fat Burning Fruits to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Fat Burning Fruits to Help You Lose Weight Fast

While exercising and lifestyle are very important to help you lose weight, fat burning fruits also play a huge role. Watching what you eat and what you don’t is key if you want to lose weight and burn belly fat.

There are several fruits that contain very low calories and are packed with lots of nutrients. These fruits also have a lot of fiber which gives you a full feeling to keep you off food for hours. You can eat these fruits at any time of the day, even between meals.

The good thing about fruits is that you can eat them anywhere you want. According to recent research, fruits help to speed up the process of losing fat. They are very efficient in pushing you towards your fitness goals. By now, you must be intrigued by this idea. Without further ado, here are some fat burning fruits you can eat to lose weight fast.

Fruits for weight loss


It is impossible to mention fruits for weight loss without talking about avocados. Many people are surprised at this considering how much fat avocados have. Well, avocados are rich in healthy fat content.

Avocados have a high concentration of omega 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids are monosaturated meaning they are healthy for the body. Avocados increase the rate at which your body converts fat to energy. This process helps to boost metabolism.

Eating avocados also help you increase the secretion of certain hormones that make it easier to lose weight. Some of these hormones send information to the brain telling it that you are full. As a result, you don’t have unhealthy cravings which can be your undoing on your fitness journey.


We cannot discuss fat burning fruits without mention apples as well. Apples are wondrous fruits when it comes to losing weight. Why are they so instrumental?

Two major reasons. First, they contain a lot of fiber. The fiber gives a feeling of fullness which saves you from eating so much between meals. The second reason is that they have very low-calorie content. As a result, they are great for snacking.

But beyond this, what do they bring to the table? Apples contain lots of vitamins B and C. They also contain minerals and antioxidants. All these put together to ensure that your body acquires the energy it requires for metabolism. It also means that your body is left healthy with high immunity levels.


Every kind of berry is good for human consumption, they are generally very healthy. However, blueberries stand out from the pack for several reasons.

First, blueberries are a bank of antioxidants. This means that they are great for combating excess fats in the body. Second, blueberries contain so many nutrients that boost the body’s metabolism and immunity.

With blueberries, your body gains more efficiency in burning calories. Also, they possess a low glycemic index. How does that even affect your body?  It means that eating blueberries satisfies your desire for sweet foods. They do this without infusing your body with extra sugar.

Recent studies show that individuals who consume blueberries daily seem to lose weight faster. Do you want to lose weight and belly fat? You should probably consider adding blueberries to your daily diet.


Fitness experts suggest that if you add grapefruit to your daily diet, you achieve your weight loss desire faster. Interesting fact, right? The more interesting fact is that when you add grapefruit, you don’t have to alter the rest of your diet. How amazing.

Why is grapefruit so efficient with burning fat? There are several reasons. One of the most paramount reasons is that it contains a lot of water. This water helps to purify your system from within. While doing this, the water keeps you satiated and hydrated.

Asides the multipurpose water content, grapefruit also contains fat-burning enzymes. These qualities make grapefruit one of the most important fat burning fruits of all time. Finally, you consume more energy eating grapefruits than most other fruits. As a result, you already start burning the calories from your first bite.


You are probably wondering what coconut is doing on our list of fat burning fruits. Well, the first thing to note about coconuts is that they are sweet and filling. This means that you can snack on them a couple of times each day.

Coconuts also contain a lot of fiber that keep you feeling full for long periods. So at the end of the day, you’d be consuming fewer calories. But all of these are regular facts, what makes coconuts so special?

They have a high content of medium-chain triglycerides also known as MCTs. What do these bring to the table? MCTs help to boost the body’s metabolism rate. The content present in coconuts can raise your metabolism rate by up to 30 percent.


Pomegranates contain polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants also play a major role to boost the body’s metabolism rate. They also play a role in ensuring that your body rids itself of toxins.

What’s more? When you eat pomegranates, they help to reduce your appetite levels. Because of this, we advise that you drink one glass of pomegranate juice after breakfast. You can also add it to your salad at lunch.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Pomegranates contain natural sweeteners that meet this need. They are also perfect for snacking between meals.


We all know about lemons and their detoxifying abilities. Well, lemons can do a lot more because of how much nutrients they possess. That’s why there is no contesting their place on our list of fat burning fruits.

Lemons help you to detoxify your liver. Healthy livers make it easy for the body to digest food. But more than this, it helps the body burn fat faster and with less stress.

Here’s the bottom line. Since lemons help your liver to assist the body to avoid fat accumulation, they are great for weight loss.


There is so much about watermelons that makes them so amiable. It goes beyond the succulent red fleshy part of this amazing fruit. Watermelons are one of the most potent fat-burning fruits ever.

Why do watermelons help you shed your weight fast considering their sugar content? One of the reasons is the high water content. The water plays the role of a natural intoxicant. They also possess natural fruit sugar that keeps the palate refreshed while curbing your appetite. This is a cool solution for people with a sweet tooth.

That’s not all. Asides the water content, watermelons also contain lipids. Both work in tandem to restrict fat accumulation in different parts of your body.


Just like many of the fruits on this list, oranges are very rich in vitamin C. This means that they are natural fat burners. But how does this work?

Vitamin C helps your body to maintain a steady and healthy metabolism rate. How does this affect you? The more vitamin C you consume, the steadier and healthier your body metabolism.

The overall result of this is an increased capacity to burn fat per exercise cycle. Do you now see why you need more oranges in your life? Asides burning fat, oranges are also healthy for a bowel movement and other aspects of human living.


You must be wondering why we will add bananas to our list of fat burning foods. We all thought that bananas were only great for increasing our energy levels. Well, bananas possess qualities that make them fit to be on this list.

Bananas are heavy meaning that they’ll help control cravings and hunger pangs. But that’s not all. Bananas also contain lots of potassium and magnesium. These minerals help in resolving digestion issues. They are also potent in burning fat thus saving you from bloating.


Many people don’t even know that pears are citrus fruits. Being under this class of fruits means that they have high fiber content and are also rich in potassium. These two properties mean that they are filing and take longer to digest.

Because of this, you are sure that eating pears mean that you’ll stay fuller for longer periods. Pears also contain a lot of minerals. As a result, they have shown great results in solving bloating problems and irregular cholesterol issues.


If you know anything about fat burning fruits, you’ll know that this list can’t be complete without strawberries. These fruits are natural fat busters. Eating strawberries empower your body to release fat-burning enzymes quicker.

These fruits also prompt the body to release adiponectin and leptin. Both hormones are instrumental in washing fat away from the body. That’s not all.

You can use strawberries to kick start your metabolism daily. They also can help your body maintain a steady metabolism rate.

Wrap Up

These are just a few fat-burning fruits, there are many others. While eating fruits is great, make sure you stick to fresh fruits and avoid canned ones. It is also wise to mix eating fruits with a healthy exercise regimen. This way, you’ll burn fat faster.

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