Is Watermelon Good For Pregnant Women?

Is Watermelon Good For Pregnant Women?

When a woman is pregnant, she is advised to watch what she eats. This is because nutrition is very important to her health and that of the baby. A pregnant woman cannot eat just anything but she is told to eat lots of fruits. So, is watermelon good for pregnant women?

One fruit that sets the pace when it comes to nutritional value is watermelon. In this post, we will discuss whether watermelon is good for pregnant women or not.

Can a pregnant woman eat watermelon?

Before we go ahead with this post, we need to provide an answer to this important question. Watermelons are juicy and filled with all kinds of amazing nutrients. As a result, that present us with lots of immense health benefits.

But the question remains, should a pregnant woman eat watermelons? Without an iota of doubt, the answer is YES. However, it should be in moderation. Watermelons present the pregnant mother with several benefits which we will discuss in the next section. This juicy fruit isn’t just great for her, it is also beneficial to her baby.

Benefits of watermelon to a pregnant woman

We hit the ground running with the different benefits you will enjoy from watermelon during pregnancy.

Relief from acidity and heartburn

Pregnancy results in a swing in the hormonal balance of the woman’s body. As a result, she begins to experience several changes that may lead to discomfort. Heartburn and acidity are among the causes of this discomfort that women experience all through pregnancy.

It is proven that watermelons help to soothe the digestive system. This means that they work wonders when a woman is experiencing acidity and heartburn to provide relief. In some cases, the relief comes instantly, while at other times, it is a gradual process.

Prevents edema

Edema is a condition where there is swelling in both the feet and hands. Many pregnant women are victims of this condition and have to suffer through it while pregnant. This condition is a result of the abnormal accumulation of fluids within some tissues in the body.

Watermelons are very powerful when it comes to unblocking pathways in the body to ease edema. This is largely because of their high water content. When next you feel such swellings, take some watermelons and watch them perform wonders.

Great against dehydration

Many pregnant women complain of dehydration at different stages of their pregnancy. This is also due to the hormonal changes that occur during this period. Dehydration can result in discomfort, lethargy, tiredness, and a lot more.

If it is not dealt with appropriately, dehydration can lead to premature birth. One way to deal with dehydration is by eating lots of watermelons. The reason is obvious, watermelons are made up of 90 percent of water. The water in this fruit is enough to deal with dehydration while supplying energy to the pregnant woman.

Morning sickness

It isn’t strange for pregnant women to suffer from vomiting and nausea, especially during the first trimester. This condition is known as morning sickness, however, it occurs round the clock.

We all know how women dread pregnancy because of this. You don’t have to run away from becoming pregnant anymore, all you need is a glass of watermelon juice. Take the juice to start your day and watch the nausea fade away. Besides, watermelon juice also gives you enough energy to go through the day.

Boosts immunity

A pregnant woman needs to boost her immunity levels. At this point, she is protecting both herself and, most importantly, her baby. There are times during pregnancy when her immunity levels drop which could be dangerous.

One way to always keep immunity levels high during pregnancy is by eating watermelons. Watermelons are one of the richest providers of an antioxidant known as lycopene. This compound helps to boost immunity levels. You can take watermelons whole or blend them into juice.


Watermelons also possess strong diuretic properties. In plain language, they help to rid the body of uric acid while detoxifying the body as well. Because of these properties, watermelons are known to improve kidney and liver function during pregnancy. Let’s not forget that one of the benefits of watermelon for the skin is increasing SPF.

Relieves muscle cramps

As a pregnant woman’s body strives to adapt to all the changes it is experiencing, cramps may develop. This is mostly a result of her rapid weight gain and hormonal changes. As expected, the cramps come with lots of pain.

One way to alleviate this pain is to consume a healthy amount of watermelons daily. This fruit helps to relieve the pain and ease the muscles because of its anti-inflammatory compounds.

Promotes healthy bones

This benefit is majorly for the fetus which makes it one of the most important benefits of watermelon. A pregnant woman should include watermelons in her daily diet to help in the formation of bones and teeth in her baby.

Watermelons contain a healthy amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is no secret that these minerals help develop healthy bones and teeth.

Dangers of eating watermelon during pregnancy

Watermelons are laden with so many health benefits for a pregnant woman and her unborn child. However, there are a few side effects that we must warn you about. They include:

  1. Watermelons contain natural sugars. Taking this fruit in excess can lead to increase levels of blood sugar. The result of this is gestational diabetes.
  2. We have told you about the diuretic properties of watermelons. While these properties are beneficial, they can also lead to the dispelling of essential nutrients.
  3. Watermelons get spoilt very easily. So if you are going to eat them, always ensure that they are fresh. If they aren’t, they could result in vomiting, nausea, or even gastrointestinal ailments.

Benefits of watermelon seeds to a pregnant woman

While so many people discard the seeds, watermelon seeds are full of several nutrients. These nutrients are beneficial to both baby and mother.

  1. They contain lots of vitamin C which is great for boosting immunity.
  2. They contain vitamin B, folate, and other essential nutrients for the proper development of the fetus.


By now, you should know the answer to the question, “Is watermelon good for pregnant women?” We have shown you both benefits and side effects. Did we leave anything out? Share with us in the comments section.

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