How to Rebuild Immune System after Antibiotics

How to Rebuild Immune System after Antibiotics

I’m glad you are on this page intending to learn how to rebuild immune system after antibiotics.

It entails that you are free from the bacteria infection after using antibiotics. Now you want to restore your perfect health.

The job of the immune system is to defend your body from attacks by bacteria and viruses. So, it has to be in perfect condition to function well.

We need to answer some vital questions such as is the immune system weaker after antibiotics? Do antibiotics wipe out the immune system?

The answers to the above questions will determine if there is a need to rebuild immune system after antibiotics. And how to rebuild immune system after antibiotics.

Is Immune System Weaker After Antibiotics?

According to Nuffield Orthopedic Centre, taking antibiotics can cause a drop in blood count. including the number of white cells that fight infection.

The outcome of the research shows that the immune system gets weaker after prolonged use of antibiotics.

Do Antibiotics wipe out Immune System?

No is the answer. Antibiotics can only weaken the immune system, but that is a rare case.

It is a good practice to always maintain a healthy immune system. And that leads us to how to build immune system after antibiotics.

There are 6 health practices you must observe to maintain a healthy immune system. They are as follows:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress control
  • Sound Sleep
  • Moderate alcohol intake
  • Avoid cigarettes and other forms of hard drugs

Let’s take a deep look into each practice that ensures a healthy immune system.


You are what you eat. Meaning that what we eat largely determines the state of health condition.

To build a healthy immune system, you must eat immune-building foods. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are essential for building a healthy immune system.

The lists of foods that build immunes are:

  • Red bell pepper
  • Citrus fruit
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Spinach
  • Yogurt
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Papaya and many more


Moderate exercise in adults helps to prevent some life-threatening sicknesses. Also, it helps boost the energy the body needs for day-to-day activities.

As a rule of thumb, every adult should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. The exercise can be indoor or outdoor.

Regular exercise controls body weight. It fastens the burning of calories from the food we eat.

The increased flow of blood during exercise opens the veins and arteries. and that prevents the buildup of cholesterols. Also, that reduces the risk of having a heart attack or failure in adults.

Exercise also improves the mental and mood of individuals. The list of what you can achieve through exercise is endless.

Above all, the benefit helps the immune system remain sound and healthy.

Stress Control

Stress reduces the fighting strength of the immune system. A high level of stress causes the body to release the stimulant hormone cortisol. At a constant high level, cortisol blocks the immune from functioning.

So, to build a healthy immune system, you must control your level of stress. This means working within the limit of your strength and eating as at when due.

Sound Sleep

According to the National sleep foundation, every adult is should have at least 7 hour sleep period daily. This is because the body heals and regenerates during sleep.

The body produces essential immune cells during sleep such as cytokines, T cells, and interleukin 12.

Cytokines are the type of protein that either fights or promotes inflammation. The T cell is a type of white blood cell that handles and regulate the immune response. While interleukin is a pro-inflammatory cytokine.

So, to rebuild the immune system after antibiotics you must have enough sleep daily.

Moderate Alcohol intake

Excess alcohol intake has series of negative impacts on health. The body system battles with detoxifying toxins produced and deposited by the alcohol.

The whole process of detoxification weakens the performance of the immune system. And that increases the chances of infection.

So, to rebuild immune system after antibiotics entail avoid drinking alcohol for a while.

Avoid Smoking Cigarette

The side effects of smoking cigarettes or taking hard drugs can’t be overemphasized. The nicotine, nitrogen oxide, and cadmium content of cigarettes are toxic to the body.

These toxins hamper the function of the immune system. Also, smoking increases the chances of the smoker being infected by bacteria. That leads to sicknesses such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, and many more.

So, if you are to maintain a healthy immune system, then avoid smoking cigarettes. Especially after using antibiotics.

How to Rebuild Immune System after Antibiotics- Conclusion

It is a fact that the immune system gets weaker after prolonged use of antibiotics. But the immune gets back to its strength when you stop the antibiotic.

Generally, you need to maintain a healthy immune system because it is the body soldier. The immune fights infections and diseases.

Follow the instructions above on how to rebuild immune system after antibiotics.

You will be fine and have high resistance to infections.


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