ICD 10 Code For Well Woman Exam

Well woman exam is not a disease but a test that women are expected to undertake yearly. With this information, you may wonder why there is an ICD 10 code for well woman exam. It is important that there is one as so there is proper identification of the test and its results.

The ICD 10 code for well woman exam is Z01.419. It is also described as an encounter for gynecological evaluation which is just routine. This ICD 10 code for well woman exam was adopted on October 1, 2018, and it is billable for diagnostic purposes. It is expected that there will be a review of the code in the future, when it occurs, be sure we will bring to you first.

Let’s discuss a bit more about the well-woman exam, you are welcome to read through this educative post.

Well Woman Exam – Overview

Several women really have no idea what a well woman exam is all about. Many of them believe it is that time of the year when a woman visits the gynecologist for evaluation. The inherent idea is that the gynecologist pokes around the vagina internally.

ICD 10 code for well woman exam

For many others, they believe this poking is the famous “Pap smear” but you should know that this test is not required yearly. The test should be taken once every three years, at least for women in their early 20s and 30s. This, of course, depends on whether there are no factors that will require you to carry out a test more frequently.

Here’s a little secret about a well-woman exam you might not know about. It is not necessary for you to visit a gynecologist to carry out a well woman exam. It can be carried out by a regular nurse or doctor. With all of this, you must be wondering about what a well woman exam entails. You won’t be left in the dark for too long, you should have sufficient information you finish the next section of this post.

Basics about well woman exam

There is a lot to know about the well woman exam. We will provide you the most important in this section which should help you know more about well woman exam.

1.  It focuses on preventive health.

Wondering what well woman exam is about? Here’s the gist, it is basically about prevention and planning. Prevention is always cheaper and wiser than cure. Visiting the doctor when you are ill is really old school, which is what well woman exam seeks to eliminate. Your body begins to experience new challenges with age because of the different changes being experienced. The exam helps you know about the changes in your body, the risks they pose, and how you can overcome them.

2.  It resembles a regular physical.

Physicals are conducted in certain occupations frequently like sports. This exam may seem like one of those, the difference, however, is that you can ask questions. It doesn’t have to be all physical so be as inquisitive as you can be, don’t shy away from asking questions about your own body. Ask about mood changes, medications, family health history, nutrition, even your sex life. Leave nothing out, the information is going to help you. These questions also help your physician know what else to test for and raises concerns where necessary.

3.  You should have a cordial relationship with your health doctor.

One thing we all, patients and doctors, must understand is that a cordial relationship is important to have a smooth well exam. How can you be open to someone you don’t have a cordial relationship with? The idea is that both of you must meet in the middle, you should build trust in your practitioner and the process. The doctor, in turn, should show genuine interest in your health without being judgmental. With this sort of relationship, none of the stages of the screening can be awkward.

4.  The number of visits yearly depends on your doctor.

The regular timing for a well woman exam visit is once every year. However, depending on your health and medical history, you may need to pay more frequent visits. An example is if your family has a history of breast cancer, you may need to revisit the hospital for a mammogram on the prescription of your doctor. So you shouldn’t be wary when your doctor asks you to visit a couple of times a year, it is for your own good.

What are the contents of your well woman exam?

This is one aspect that can be a bit confusing for most people because they have no idea what will be tested. The contents of the test may vary from one hospital to the other. They will also depend on the present condition of your health.

Generally, the exam should contain the following:

  1. Alcohol misuse screening.
  2. Contraceptive counseling.
  3. Cholesterol screening.
  4. Blood pressure screening.
  5. Counseling on diet and nutrition.
  6. STI screening.
  7. Vaccines and immunizations.
  8. HIV screening.

ICD 10 code for well woman exam wrap up

Now that you understand what a well woman exam is, it is important that you take one yearly to know the overall state of your health. When a concern is raised, take the doctor’s advice and act accordingly. The ICD 10 code for well woman exam is the American version and it shouldn’t be confused for the other international versions of the code.

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