Well Woman Supplement – Pros and Cons

Well Woman Supplement – Pros and Cons

Once a woman crosses different thresholds in her life, her mineral and vitamin needs change. This is because of the changes their bodies go through. Such changes include menopause and bone density to mention a few. This is why there is a need for well woman supplement.

The changes that occur can result in deterioration of the heart and vision stemming from mineral and vitamin deficiencies. There are several vitamin supplements on the market but Well woman products are recognized all over the world.

In this post, we will share a few secrets about this product, what it contains, and why you should use it. Why not grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let’s set the ball rolling?

What is Well Woman Supplement?

Well woman is a line of products provided by a UK-based company known as Vitabiotics. These products are supplements and they provide women with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals at different stages of their lives.

Such supplements are healthy enough for daily use. This is why they are tested by several top health retailers, not just in the UK, but around the world. Some of the products under the Well woman brand include:

  1. Well Woman 50+
  2. Well Woman Sport and Fitness
  3. Original Well woman
  4. Wellwoman Max
  5. Wellwoman Plus

Vitabiotics also has a product line for men known as Wellman supplement. For this post, we will focus more on Well woman 50+ supplement. However, you should note that it shares a lot of similarities with other Well woman supplements. We chose this product because it is more relatable to all the other products under the brand.

So far, we have established one fact. Women need vitamin and mineral supplements, especially as they grow older. Well woman 50+ contains up to 26 minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. All of these are geared at giving the woman the best health possible.

There must be several questions going through your mind at this point. Is this product healthy? Are there side effects? Does it deliver? Will it suit your nutrient, vitamin, and mineral needs? Read on for answers to these questions.

Well Woman Ingredients

This is just about the most important aspect of finding out before using any supplement. What does the supplement contain? In this section, we will take a look at Well woman ingredients and their effect on your health.

Vitamin D, 10μg

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin, especially for women. It assists the body to absorb calcium. Furthermore, it keeps your immune system healthy. Women who have crossed the 50-year threshold are more at risk of osteoporosis because of a drop in their bone density.

As a result, they must consume calcium in the appropriate quantities. It is even more important that their bodies can absorb this calcium. Each tablet Well woman 50+ contains the exact amount of Vitamin D a woman should take daily. Another main source of vitamin D is the sunlight but you may not get appropriate amounts in some parts of the world.

Magnesium, 60mg

Magnesium also helps to protect your bones from getting weak. It also gives you a healthy immune system and regulates blood pressure. One of its key functions is ensuring that your heart functions at optimal levels.

The expectation is that we should satisfy our daily magnesium needs from our food. There seems to be a challenge for most of us because we hardly eat a balanced diet. Because of this, there is a need for multivitamin supplements that can provide us with magnesium.

Well woman supplement does not give you the 270mg you need daily. However, it provides you a decent amount that will balance up your need when you add up your daily diet. Don’t forget, Well woman is a supplement and it shouldn’t take the place of real food.

Vitamin B12, 5μg

As we advance in years, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to absorb and use vitamin B12 from food. This is a serious challenge because it is one of the essential vitamins the body needs. a deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to loss of appetite, tiredness, depression, and weight loss.

Physicians recommend that women find ways to supplement their daily vitamin B12 needs. The best way to do this is through multivitamin supplements. By the way, it is easier for our bodies to absorb vitamin B12 from supplements and fortified foods. This is because you don’t need as much hydrochloric acid to absorb this vitamin from supplements as you’ll need with food.

Well woman 50+ contains the exact amount you need daily. It is important to note that there haven’t been any side effects when people have taken higher doses.

Iron, 10mg

Without a doubt, iron is a very important mineral to the human body, male or female. This is one of the reasons why you need a multivitamin supplement. Physicians recommend that as you age, you should choose a gender and age-specific multivitamin supplement because of your iron needs.

Women need more iron than men because of how much iron they lose during mensuration. This need drops drastically after menopause. This is why you need an age-specific supplement so that you don’t consume excess iron.

The side effect of too much iron is cell damage and stomach pain. You may also experience vomiting and nausea. Women over 50 should take about 8.7mg daily of iron. Well woman contains 10mg of Iron in each capsule. Though this is a little above the daily requirement, it is still very safe for consumption.

We advise that you don’t exceed one iron-containing supplement each day. It is also important that you keep your supplements out of the reach of children. This is because of how sensitive they are to iron and its effects.

B Vitamins

Well woman supplement 50+ also contains different B vitamins, just like the other products in this line. The B vitamins include B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9.

All these vitamins help to ensure optimal heart function. They also promote a reduction in fatigue and tiredness levels while ensuring the optimal formation of red blood cells.

Well woman contains more vitamin B1 (thiamin) than it contains the other vitamins. However, this shouldn’t result in any harmful effects to your body.

Pros of Well Woman Supplement

  1. Not animal-tested but great for vegetarians.
  2. Doesn’t contain yeast, salt, preservatives, and lactose.
  3. Well-developed and researched.
  4. Contains most of the nutrients women need, especially those you may not get from your diet.
  5. Improves your energy levels.
  6. Strengthens your immune system.
  7. Readily available in most reputable health stores and also sold online.
  8. Gluten-free.

Cons of Well Woman Supplement

  1. Doesn’t contain calcium which means that users have to source for their calcium needs elsewhere.
  2. Contains soya that can trigger allergies in some users.
  3. The size and shape of the tablet may make it difficult to swallow for some individuals.

Side Effects/Safety of Well Woman Supplement

This is one of the most important questions to answer. Are there any side effects of using Well woman supplement? As long as you use it following the directions, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. So far, none has been reported.

You should also note that you can use the supplements together with other medications. However, as we always recommend, you should speak to your physician before using any supplements.

Health warnings regarding Well Woman Supplement

Just like with every other product, there are a few health warnings about Well woman Supplement. For example, a woman who is allergic to soya shouldn’t use this supplement. Like we stated earlier, this supplement contains soya.

Another thing you should note is that you should not use this supplement to replace your balanced diet. It is also important to note that you should not replace a healthy lifestyle with supplements.

Well woman contains iron so you should keep it out of the reach of children. They show adverse responses to iron effects. Even adults should not take an overdose of iron as it results in adverse effects. While taking Well woman supplement, you shouldn’t mix it with another multivitamin supplement.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should speak to their physicians before starting to use these supplements. Finally, if you notice that you have any challenges while taking the supplement, stop it immediately and speak to your doctor.

How to take Well Woman Supplement

The recommended dosage is a single table per day. You should not chew the tablets, instead, you should swallow it with some water. This should be when you are taking your meal. You can mix this supplement with medication but not another supplement.

Does Well Woman Supplement Work?

Many users recommend this product because it has helped in increasing their energy levels. Also, they noticed a significant improvement in their immunity levels. For women taking Well woman 50+, it was evident that they experienced less intense menopausal symptoms.

However, these results may not show immediately. You should have used this product for about 3 months or more.


Well woman supplement from Vitabiotics is very helpful for women. There are different products for different ages, each one containing the required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for that age. Find yours today, use it, and share the effects with us in the comments section.

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