Yoga For Weight Loss In Nigeria

Yoga For Weight Loss In Nigeria

The importance of yoga to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health cannot be overemphasized. Yoga for weight loss is one of the most widely discussed issues in the weight loss industry.

The question begging for answer is that can one achieve tremendous weight loss going by how simple the yoga program is?

The yoga program is simple but highly targeted in any area you want to apply it in your life. Therefore, yoga for weight loss is real if you follow the set yoga exercises for weight loss.

Also, it will interest you to know that yoga alone does not guarantee weight loss, which means it goes hand in hand with dieting.

In that case, let us consider 3 yoga practices that enhance weight loss you can do from the comfort of your home.

These moves will ensure increased body flexibility, improving concentration, and building muscle tone. Once the body get use to all these then it will be easy to shed weight fast and easily.

1. Sun Salutation


This is a yoga move that is targeted on warming up the muscles, which allows that free flow of blood. This is also known for effectively increasing the metabolism and enhances the digestive system.

Thereby toning and stretching the body muscles, which help in trimming areas with excess fat.

Steps Required for Sun Salutations are as follows:

You have to stand erect, and breathe in as you stretch your hands vertically or over the head. Then breathe out as you lie or bend in a forward direction.

The next step is to position your feet in a plank pose by jumping or walking a step. And be in that position for 5 minutes.

After which you knee down and push your body towards the floor. Also, you need to stretch your legs and turn the top of your feet to the mat, while positioning your hands under your shoulder.

There are more steps to this yoga for weight loss moves. But the best you can do is to move over to the Youtube for practical videos on how to do sun salutation for maximum results.

2. Boat Pose

Boat pose is designed to engage all parts of your body. Effectively doing boat pose will have a direct effect on the bones, muscles, and flesh. In other words, it prepares all parts of the body for easy weight loss when combined with dieting

The steps for engaging in boat pose for yoga for weight loss are as follows:

You have to sit on the floor and your legs brought together and stretch in front of you. Then you bend your knees while lifting your feet off the floor so that your thing forms an angle with the floor.

The next step is to stretch your arms in front of you to maintain a parallel position with the floor. If possible, keep your legs in a straight position, while keeping your torso lifted

You have to maintain this position for 30 seconds or as long as you can. To get the desired result, you need to repeat this process over and over until you get tired of a section.

3. Plank Pose

If your goal is to target the abdominal muscles then plank pose of yoga for weight loss should be your priority. Plank pose is one of the simplest moves in yoga but very effective that it can’t be neglected.

To get it right, you have to form a tabletop position, lift your heels while taking your feet back. Then bring your body in a straight position. This action, also, helps in engaging your core, arms, and leg muscle.

When doing plank pose you need to hold on the position for as long as you can and repeat severally as much as you can.

4. Warrior Pose

Don’t forget that if you got all the steps right, you will greatly benefit from yoga for weight loss poses.

The warrior pose is designed for toning the thigh and shoulder. Also, other parts of the body as the back end, legs, and arms respond to the warrior pose greatly.

This pose will greatly increase your concentration while burning the belly fat faster than you can imagine.

5. Triangle Pose

When burning the excess fat in your waist, and belly is your target, then triangle pose will be your major move. Like every other yoga for weight loss moves, it enhances blood circulation and increases concentration.

Triangle pose has shown not to be effective in muscle toning but it works great in burning fat.

6. Downward Dog Pose

This yoga pose is to strengthen the arm, thigh, hamstring, and back. Invariable burning the unwanted fats in those areas of the body, and it helps in increasing the rate of blood flow in the body.

7. Shoulder Stand

This yoga for weight loss pose is about positioning vertically while resting on the shoulder. This yoga pose aims to work on the glutes and thyroid. It effectively improves muscle tone, and enhance digestion. Also should stand to strengthen your back muscles and prevent back pain.

8. Twisted Chair Pose

Squatting is one of the conventional exercises for weight loss. The yoga version of it is called a twisted chair pose. Twisted chair pose is the most difficult one among all listed above but the result is immense.

It is aimed at toning the abdominal muscles, squad, and glutes. The effect of this yoga pose on the digestive system cannot be overemphasized.

Yoga For Weight Loss – Conclusion

As earlier discussed at the beginning of this yoga for weight loss article, a lot of people find it difficult to believe that yoga simple moves can greatly work.

But it has been proven that persistence, patience combined with right dieting goes a long way in weight loss.

For effective results, master all the moves in each pose and repeat several over time, you will be amazed by the result.

The best way is to download each move from youtube.

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